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Detail Guide - Introduction

Mother’s Car Car Guide – Consumer Auto Parts

Wash your car, wax your truck, polish the chrome and buff the paint. Settle down to clean the wheels while Protectant works its magic on the tires. Stand back and examine the work you’ve done, looking for the little things you may have missed. The time spent cleaning your ride is an investment in its health and beauty—you trade on your elbow grease and painstaking efforts so folks can admire your ride as much as you do.

The people at Mothers® PolishesWaxesCleaners feel the same way. Mothers® has been in the car care business for several decades—and helping you keep your vehicle looking its best is what we do.

Packaged here are some of the practical tips and tricks our chemists, body-men, mechanics and all-around car guys have put together for you to use as you need. We’ve also created a week-by-week schedule and listed a comprehensive set of car-care tools and materials for your handy reference. To get all the details on detailing we suggest going through this guide from cover to cover. Perhaps you’ll find a new trick, or discover that a technique you’ve used in the past wasn’t such a good idea after all. If you’re one of those espresso-fueled people with no time to spare then use this manual as a quick go-to reference for important info. For instance, when you need to clean your leather upholstery, check for fresh ideas in the section that details interior and leather care.

Keep in mind there’s a big difference between detailing your car and giving it a quick wash job. Mothers® encourages you to be thorough in your approach and execution of any car care project—doing a half-job means you’re only half-done, and your vehicle’s still half-dirty. Find the right cleaner or polish for each project, and use the correct tools.


Plan ahead for your detailing efforts to get an accurate idea of what can be accomplished. First, evaluate the condition of your vehicle: tires, wheels, paint, trim and interior (headliner, carpet, upholstery, and gauges). From there, you can determine what you’ll need for materials, tools and time expended.

You’ll also need to pick a good location to do your detailing—preferably in open shade. In addition to the obvious need for water, and power (for a buffer, vacuum, etc.), you’ll want to make sure you have room to work and no distractions or interference (chrome cleaner does wonders for your bumpers, but you don’t want to get it on the rose bushes).

After assessing your vehicle’s needs you may feel a bit overwhelmed if there’s a lot of work to do. To make things easier break down the job into smaller tasks to be done in a set order. Generally speaking it’s better to work from the inside out and from the top down (with one exception—take care of the wheels and tires first; see the Cleaning & Detailing Planner and step-by-step list below). You should also do any scratch repair or spot removal before polishing and waxing.

How often you’re able to wash and/or detail your ride is another important factor to consider. Whether you’ve got free time or not will often determine if detailing can be a weekly or monthly affair. Following the recommended Cleaning & Detailing planner, you may have to parlay the weekly event into a monthly one when time doesn’t allow more frequent attention.

Cleaning Detail Planner
Wash Weekly
Intensive Detailing: Jambs, under-hood, emblems, etc. Monthly
Paint: Pre-wax cleaner/polish Bi-annual
Paint: Sealer/glaze Every 8-12 weeks
Paint: Wax Every 8-12 weeks
Trim Weekly
Apply correct preservative, protectant, clean cracks Monthly
Wheels Bi-weekly
Bead to hub, polish wheel & lugs Every 2-3 months
Tires Monthly
Full dress, scrub bead to tread Monthly
Glass: Clean Weekly
Polish, clean along seals Monthly
Interior: Vacuum Weekly
Clean stains, vacuum trunk, etc. Monthly
Leather: Condition Monthly
Thoroughly clean leather surface and recondition Every 2-3 months

Meguiars Car Care Products Consumer Auto Parts


Meguiars Car Care Products – Consumer Auto Parts
Meguiars Car Care Products is one of the oldest and most trusted names in car care. Meguiars has been manufacturing car care products since 1901 and today Meguiars is among the biggest car care companies in the world with recognizable products like Gold Class Car Wax, Meguiars professional, Meguiars Detailer Professional’s Choice, ScratchX, and Show Car Glaze.

Did you know the first Meguiars wax was a furniture polish? Frank Meguiar, Jr., the founding father of the Meguiars, mixed the furniture polish one bottle at a time using an eggbeater. Once the first wooden automobiles were introduced, Frank saw a golden opportunity to expand his car care business. You could honestly say that Meguiars was around before the car!

What began a century ago as a simple furniture polish laboratory in a garage now spans the globe as an international car care brand. Meguiars has become one of the world’s leading car care companies, providing highly specialized car care products for almost every conceivable type of surface, including cars, boats, RVs, and more!

Meguiars huge selection of car care products is divided into seven distinct categories:

Meguiars Car Care Products: Here you will find Meguiars famous Mirror Glaze and Gold Class lines. These include Meguiars traditional polishes, compounds, glazes, washes, and car waxes.

Meguiars NXT Generation: For the enthusiast who enjoys instant gratification, Meguiars created this line of polymer-based products. Designed especially for today’s clear coat finishes, these entirely synthetic products are aimed at ease of use and longevity.

Meguiars Ultimate Products: Designed with the perfectionist in mind, Meguiars Ultimate Products provide the best shine and protection of all Meguiars waxes and polishes. Each and every Meguiars Ultimate Product represents the best that Meguiars has to offer. From synthetic polymer sealants to vinyl and rubber protectants, Meguiars Ultimate Products has all your car care needs covered.

Meguiars Car Care Products

2006 RedFire Mustang GT polished with Meguiars M105 and M205 and protected with Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant. M105 removes swirls with ease, M205 restores a rich, glossy finish and #21 Synthetic Sealant provides durable cross-linking polymer protection and a deep, wet gloss. This combination of products is popular with professional detailers who seek the absolute perfect finish.

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System: Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System is a two-step process designed to correct paint without leaving any swirls- guaranteed! Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System consists of microfiber pads, DA Microfiber Correction Compound, and DA Microfiber Finishing Wax.

Meguiars Detailing Tools: Apply your Meguiars products the right way! These towels, applicators, brushes, sponges, and pads are expertly designed by the car care fanatics that have been bringing you car care products for more than 100 years.

Meguiars Professional Detailer Products: Looking for something in bulk? Meguiars has packaged these body shop-friendly products in gallon containers for the professional detailer.

Meguiars Boat Maintenance Products: Meguiar’s has formulated a series of products especially for your boat, so you can provide it with the same exceptional care you give your terrestrial vehicle. These products are designed to meet the unique maintenance challenges of sea-faring vessels. Many of these products can also be used to maintain your fiberglass RV!

Winterizing Your Car Winterizing Tips Consumer Auto Parts

Car Winterizing Tips!

Winterizing and Your Car – Car Winterizing Tips

Car Winterizing Tips!

Car Winterizing Tips!

Winter driving presents a number of challenges to you and your car. Cold weather tests the limits of your car’s mechanical abilities. Treacherous conditions test your abilities as a driver. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself sliding towards a guard rail, wondering if your affairs are in order. Here are a few tips to help you winterize your vehicle for the upcoming cold winter months:

  • Keep an emergency kit in your car at all times
  • Winterizing and Your Car – Car Winterizing Tips
  • Make sure you don’t have bald tires, the newer the tire the better the control
  • Check your car belts and hoses, replace any that need to be replaced or fixed. ( Or check with your mechanic and get a tune up)
  • Replace windshield wipers and wiper fluid, Low visibility can make driving in cold weather extremely dangerous.
  • Make sure your defrost and your heating units work. It’s also important to stay warm and comfortable while driving, since shivering makes it difficult to steer or pay attention to the road.
  • Keep your fuel tank full, never run it low just in case you run into problems!
  • Check your oil!
  • Check your battery, car batteries last for about three to five years, so it’s best to keep track of how old yours is.

Consumer auto parts has everything you need to make it through another year of winter. Please check out our website or visit one of our locations for more information.

Safe Winter Driving

Safe Winter Driving – Winter driving can be hazardous and scary, especially in northern regions that get a lot of snow and ice. Additional preparations can help make a trip safer, or help motorists deal with an emergency. This sheet provides safety information for your residents to help prevent motor vehicle injuries due to winter storms.

The Three P’s of Safe Winter Driving:

» PREPARE for the trip;   » PROTECT yourself; and   » PREVENT crashes on the road.


Maintain Your Car: Check battery, tire tread, and windshield wipers, keep your windows clear, put no-freeze fluid in the washer reservoir, and check your antifreeze.

Have On Hand: flashlight, jumper cables, abrasive material (sand, kitty litter, even floor mats), shovel, snow brush and ice scraper, warning devices (like flares) and blankets. For long trips, add food and water, medication and cell phone.

Stopped or Stalled? Stay with your car, don’t over exert, put bright markers on antenna or windows and shine dome light, and, if you run your car, clear exhaust pipe and run it just enough to stay warm.

Plan Your Route: Allow plenty of time (check the weather and leave early if necessary), be familiar with the maps/ directions, and let others know your route and arrival time.

Practice Cold Weather Driving!

  • During daylight, rehearse maneuver slowly on the ice or snow in an empty lot
  • Steer into a skid
  • Know what your brakes will do: stomp on antilock brakes, pump non-antilock brakes
  • Stopping distances are longer on watercovered ice and ice
  • Don’t idle for a long time with the windows up or in an enclosed space


  • Buckle up and use child safety seats properly
  • Never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of an air bag
  • Children 12 and under are much safer in the back seat


  • Drugs and alcohol never mix with driving
  • Slow down and increase distances between cars
  • Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking in the road
  • Avoid fatigue – Get plenty of rest before the trip, stop at least every three hours, and rotate drivers if possible
  • If you are planning to drink, designate a sober driver


Safe Winter Driving – Consumer Auto Parts

Fall Car Care Includes Detailing

Fall Car Care Includes Detailing

Fall Car Care Includes Detailing

Winter takes a big toll on your automobile so it is important to maintain it. Fall is the perfect time of the year to prepare your automobile for the harsh winter months ahead. The salt used to de-ice the roads is known to cause damage to the exterior of your automobile so it is important to protect it. The best thing you can use to protect your car’s exterior is wax and sealant. Both can be found at your local Consumer Auto Parts.

Some other basic things to prepare you and your automobile for winter include an ice scraper, snow brush, winter wiper blades, and it is also a good idea to keep a flash light, blanket and anything else you would need if you were to get stranded somewhere.

Fall Car Care Includes Detailing

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Fall Car Care Month

Fall Car Care Month

Fall Car Care Month

The fall season has arrived and that means car maintenance. October is known as fall car care month and it’s coming up fast. Be sure to check everything from your tires up to everything under the hood. Fall is the perfect time of the year for car maintenance especially if you have just gone through of summer of travelling and vacationing.  The fall season is perfect for car maintenance. It gives us all just enough time to prepare for the winter season ahead. Come down to your local Consumer Auto Parts to find what you need for fall car care month.

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Fall and Winter Car Maintenance


Fall and Winter Car Maintenance

Fall is here and that means its time to prepare your vehicle for the harsh winter ahead. It is always a good idea to be proactive rather than reactive when the winter hits. The fall season gives us plenty of time to work on car maintenance so it is a good idea to start thinking about what needs to be done before winter. Listed below are some things to think about.

  • Battery- Chances are that the battery in your car has already gone through a cold and harsh winter. The cold weather takes a toll on your battery so it may be a good idea to get a new one.
  • Heating- Your heating system is a necessity for the cold months ahead. Not only to keep you warm, but also to make sure your defroster works on those cold mornings before you head to work.
  • Wiper Blades- Its a good idea to check on your wiper blades. Heavy duty winter blades are available for your vehicle here at Consumer Auto Parts.
  • Tires- Check to make sure your tires are all set for winter. Check the tire pressure and the tread depth. It may also be a good idea to think about winter tires as well.
  • Brakes- It is a good idea to make sure your brakes are in good working condition before winter hits. Driving on snow and ice can be extremely dangerous and it is important to make sure your brakes can handle it.

Remember, it is always a good idea to prepare for the winter months far before they reach us. The fall season gives us the time to prepare for whats ahead. You can find most of what you need at a Consumer Auto Parts near you.


Do It Yourself Oil Change


Do It Yourself Oil Change

Do It Yourself Oil Change. Getting an oil change at a garage can be expensive. You do not have to spend over $40 for an oil change when you can do it yourself. Before heading to your near by Consumer Auto Parts, consult your owner’s manual for the type and weight of oil specific to your vehicle.

1. Make sure your car is on level ground so you can safely jack up your car.

2. Locate the oil pan under your car and unscrew the drain plug to drain the old oil. Be sure you drain the oil into a recycling container so you can recycle the old oil at your nearest full service gas station, then replace the drain plug.

3. Locate your oil filter and use an oil filter wrench to remove the filter. Be careful as old oil will still be on the filter. Make sure the rubber gasket on the old filter comes off with the filter.

4. Lubricate the rubber gasket on the new filter, then fill the new oil filter about 2/3 with new oil.

5. Screw the new filter into place as tightly as you can without stripping the threads.

6. Pop your hood, remove the oil cap, and fill your engine with new oil using a filter. Use a dipstick to make sure you’ve added enough oil.

7. Put the oil cap back on and you are done!

Get Ready For Fall.. And Winter

Get Ready For Fall.. And Winter. Your vehicle may have taken a beating from the summer heat and summer road trips you have taken. Yet summer is fading away and it is a good idea to start preparing your vehicle for fall and eventually winter.

Wiper Blades
Fall is the perfect time of the year to replace your worn wiper blades. It may be a good idea to be prepared and purchase winter blades so you do not have to worry about it in the near future. Consumer Auto Parts has all types of wiper blades.

Under the Hood
Be sure to check and see if all your engine fluids are sufficient. Especially after a summer filled with road trips and vacations.

Engine Air Filter
Also, be sure to replace your engine’s air filter. When an air filter reaches the point where it causes enough of a pressure drop to restrict airflow, the car’s fuel economy, performance and emissions begin to deteriorate. So it is a good idea for a replacement in order for your car to be ready for the cold months ahead.

There are many other do it yourself projects you can do to help your vehicle perform its best for the fall and winter to come. Consumer Auto Parts carries all your vehicle needs so make your way down to a location near you!

Back to School Car Tips

Back to School Car Tips. Whether you are a college student heading back to school, a high school student, or a parent of a student, there are many tips you should keep in mind for your vehicle during this busy part of the year.

Check vitals under your hood
It is important for you to check the levels of your engine oil, coolant and transmission, and brake and power steering fluid. Also, check on the date of your battery. If it is more than 3 years old, its important that you make sure its in good working condition.

Be sure that the tread on your tires is not worn down especially after a summer filled with road trips and vacations.

Make sure all of your lights are working as your lights are what allow other drivers to know your movements on the road.

Consumer Auto Parts Locations
If you are a student moving elsewhere in the New England area, there are Consumer Auto Parts locations everywhere. Also, if you are a parent of a son or daughter going back to school, let them know that Consumer Auto Parts will be close to where ever their school is through out New England. The following link will show all locations through out New England.